Giving Back

Throughout the year, Canna Clear will be giving back to our community. We believed at one time the saying, “ it takes a village to raise a child.” Well, we haven’t lost faith. “Its going to take a company, to help the town.”

Canna Clear’s way of taking care of our town, is by seeking out needs within certain categories. Our goal is to impact every sector, for the positive.

Local animal shelters are always in need of volunteers even for simple tasks such as cleaning cages, walking the dogs, or simply playing with the animals and showing them love.

Every community has senior citizens. We need to thank them for blessing us with the world we live in now. Without our seniors, we wouldn’t have the conveniences we do today. So we want to let them know that we remember all that they did. Canna Clear plans on getting involved with senior centers and making a few new old friends. This world has too much love and happiness to sit and feel alone. We PROMISE to never forget!

Troop support!!! In honor of our military, it will be an honor to assist in any way, shape or form for these fine men and women who have sacrificed everything, including their lives so that we may continue to enjoy the freedoms we have here. We thank each and every one of you. Our goal is to work with the veterans and find ways to now help them fight the battles that they may face, both physical and mental. Its our turn to help make their lives a little easier.

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