CannaClear Legality

Legal Compliance

Canna Clear diligently complies with California medical cannabis law pursuant to H&S11362 (Proposition 215) and SB420, as well as other applicable state and local regulations. We make it a point to be a “poster child” for proper compliance procedures. We aspire to be an example that shows how medical cannabis collectives can operate legally, transparently and above board.

California law requires that Canna Clear patients become members of the Canna Clear Collective. To do this, patients provide their California photo ID and a valid doctor recommendation for medical cannabis. Patients are also required to acknowledge that any products they obtain from Canna Clear are for personal use only and may not be resold or given to others. Furthermore, patients may only obtain quantities that are reasonable for their personal use and their condition. Canna Clear California products cannot be sent or distributed in any way to any other state. Even if you have a valid doctor recommendation for medical cannabis in another state, we are not allowed to give products to you.

In addition, Canna Clear complies fully with state and federal tax rules, and has the required state and federal tax licenses and IDs. When you purchase products, you must pay sales tax.

To ensure compliance, Canna Clear uses software that determines if patients in the collective have a valid doctor’s recommendation. Software also allows us to determine our federal, state and local taxes.

Legality of Concentrates

Some patients have concerns that concentrates may not be legal. In fact, California medical-cannabis patients can possess concentrates. On February 3, 2012, in the case of The People v. Colvin, the Court of Appeal of the State of California affirmed that possession and transportation of extracted or concentrated cannabis (“separated resin, whether crude or purified, obtained from marijuana”) by a valid medical cannabis patient is legal under state law.

Low Abuse Potential, Pharmaceutical Form Factor

Canna Clear prides itself on products that have a low abuse potential and a medical form factor. Canna Clear products are specifically formulated and packaged for patients who are seriously ill, want a natural alternative but also want a customary pharmaceutical form factor. For example, a cancer patient undergoing chemotherapy who has been taking synthetically-derived Marinol as an anti-emetic, may switch to naturally-derived GoldCaps™ as an alternative.

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