The Winterization Process

Winterization is the process of we use to remove all residual, solvents, waxes and fats from the final cannabis product to make an cleaner, absolute version of the product. This is done so that we can create a pure product that is easy on the lungs and safest for consumption.

The Clearest Oils

Solvents are the chemicals used to remove the cannabinoids from the cannabis plant. Here at CannaClear, we make FECO, or Full Extract Cannabis Oil using ethanol as the solvent. When our quality tested cannabis flowers are submerged in the ethanol, the cannabinoids, terpenes and other active ingredients are dissolved into the liquid.

Unmatched Clarity

After purging the solvents, we use one of the most effective refinement procedures called Winterization. This process consists of re-dissolving the purged extract in alcohol and freezing it in order to separate the residual products such as waxes, lipids and residual solvents.

Cleaning Concentrates

The remaining solid plant matter is filtered out and the liquid solvent and cannabinoid mixture is purged to remove all solvents, while preserving the integrity of the delicate cannabinoids and other active compounds of the cannabis plant.

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